James Humuza, MD, MSc, Assistant Lecturer (HoD)

James Humuza, MD, MSc. Assistant Lecturer

James Humuza joined the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health in 2009 and is currently head of department for Health Policy, Economics, and Management.
He is currently working on two studies: Community PBF Impact Evaluation and Effectiveness of PMTCT program in Rwanda. He has spearheaded the development of Centre of Excellence of Health Systems Strengthening at the school of public health, aimed at documenting proven interventions that can offer lessons to other countries that wish to learn.
Additionally, he has co-led the design of several health programs such as community-based distribution of family planning and community PBF for the Ministry of Health.
James is currently advising World Health Organization (Africa Region) on Social Determinants of Health, and has developed a case study and made presentation at W.H.O Geneva on the scale of health inequalities in Africa and the economic rationales towards addressing health inequities.
James holds a degree in medicine and surgery from the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Medicine; Masters degree from Brandies University in USA; and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Economics from the Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa.