The Research and Consultancies Office (NURSPH)

Welcome to the National University of Rwanda/ School of Public Health’s (NURSPH) Research and Consultancies Office. NURSPH has a young but growing research portfolio that it has acquired while working in Rwanda and expanding into the region and is continually building structures to encourage a greater scientific and research friendly environment.

Our research is conducted so that it may serve as a guide to decision and policy makers in ministries and other institutions.
The research office was created to oversee funds from various sources world-over that its faculty and the school have received for different research and project activities. This office works in close collaboration with the main university’s Research Commission to ensure proper administering of research activities and post graduate research programs that include MPhil and PhD degrees. It also works in tandem with the Consultancy Bureau to position the school as a public health resource reservoir and to ensure consultancy activities are executed in a competitive manner.

This office also identifies research and funding opportunities, facilitates faculty applying for grants and manages the school’s knowledge centre.

We aim to create a dynamic web platform that will provide necessary information to serve the needs of faculty who plan to implement research activities and to provide ways potential collaborators can connect with us. We shall frequently diffuse funding and career development seminar opportunities as well as policy information and other resources.

I hope you will find this information useful and your feedback to make this site better is most welcome.

Jeanine U. Condo, MD, MSc, Ph.D.
Deputy Director in charge of Research and Consultancies