The College of Medicine and Health Sciences launches its itorero and community work activities

The Itorero “Imparanirabuzima” of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences was inaugurated and immediately kicked their community work services. Apart from instilling among students values of integrity, honesty, patriotism and better services, the college’s Itorero pledged to keep up the activities of promoting health among Rwandans. The community work centers around making the lives of Rwandans better and free from diseases. Through Itorero the college’s students conduct outreach activities aimed at promoting health in the following areas:

· Reduction of malnutrition in the community,
· Fight against the risk factors of non communicable diseases,
· Hygiene promotion,
· Fight against the infectious diseases,
· Promotion of safe motherhood; and,
· Sensitizing the community on the benefits of having a health insurance.

In his welcoming remarks, the Principal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences reflected on the role of Itorero for medical and healthcare professionals.
“People who are going to become medical and health professionals should embrace in their profession and daily lives the values of compassion, integrity, honesty, professionalism and patriotism. Therefore, I urge you to be committed to creating better lives for people of this nation as you have pledged,” said Prof. Phil Cotton.
The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sharon HABA echoed the Principal’s appeal and called upon students to give back to the community on what they have acquired from the College. “Rwandans expect a lot from you. Therefore, you have to serve them so that they benefit on what you have learnt from here.”
She assured that the ministry of education shall offer whatever support that they shall need to fulfill their pledges.

The Chairman of the National Itorero Commission, RUCAGU Boniface commended the College of Medicine and Health Sciences for having started the Itorero and community work. He underscored that it is a significant step made by the College since this contributes enormously not only to the education of the population but also help people conduct healthy lives which contribute to the development of Rwanda. He further underlined that voluntary community work they have started symbolizes bravery and compassion to the community’s needs.

In order for Imparanirabuzima to be more successful in their endeavors, Rucagu called them to embrace love, humility, discipline, and service to the parents and neighbors.

“I appeal to you to be brave and exemplary. Keep on respecting your parents and neighbors and through your good behaviors, love, humility, and dynamism, you will make them proud of you and the nation will grow rich thanks of your good deeds,” the Chairman of National Itorero Commission advised