The NUR Academic meeting SENATE at its on 1st December 2010 approved the establishment of the Faculty/ School/ Centre Research, Consultancy and Technology Transfer Committee (RCTT-C) hereby called “Unit RCTT-C”. These committees are responsible for:
the screening of research projects, ethics clearance matters,
discuss matters of PhD and MPhil degrees known as Graduate Research degrees (GRD), plan and give oversight of capacity building of supervisors, ensuring training in research methodology specific to disciplines of the unit, marketing and ensuring quality of research,
publications and GRD


The Unit RCTT-C is responsible to the Council of the Unit for the entirely of the research, consultancy, and technology transfer processes at unit level, specifically, the Unit RCTT-C will decide on the following and forward them to the Faculty/ School/ Centre Council for decision or for onward transmission to the RCTT-C as follows:

Matters for transmission to RCTT-C:
Making and ensuring compliance of the rules and regulations governing Consultancy and Contract Research specific for the Faculty/ School/ Centre
Receiving, approving and monitoring departmental level Research and Consultancy Strategies
Receiving, supporting and recommending research development proposals
Approving all matters of PhD and MPhil applications, progress reports, examination matters and all other issues.
Approving research grants and ethics clearance proposals.
Monitoring departmental and unit level research budget allocations and expenditures

Matters ending at Unit Council level:
Supporting and monitoring links and liaison with Business and Industry
Promoting technology transfer
Making and ensuring compliance of the rules and Engagement regarding collective research with external bodies
Monitoring of research, consultancy and contract research programmes at Unit level
Promoting PhD training, post doctoral programmes, capacity building on PhD supervision and Research Methodology training for PhD and MPhil students specific for unit level disciplines
Approval and monitoring of national and international conferences and symposia organised at Unit level
Monitoring collaborative research and consultancy activities conducted by individuals or departments with partner institutions at Unit level

Composition/ Membership

Vice Dean Responsible for Research, Consultancy and Postgraduate studies – Chairperson
Faculty Manager/ Academic Secretary – Minutes taker
Heads of Departments
1 representative from each department who is research active and has a good publication record
2 professors (or associate professors) from the unit
Maximum 3 invitees from among unit strategic collaborators external to NUR. These can be invited whenever need arise.

The quorum should be decided upon in such a way that the committee will be able to hold meetings
to hold meetings