Terms of Reference

The Research, Consultancy and Technology Transfer Committee (RCTT-C) was approved by the NUR Academic SENATE meeting held on 22nd May 2007. It is SENATE 2nd tier-committee which is responsible to SENATE for the entirely of the research process, specifically:

1. Approving research / grants proposals

2. Monitoring research budget allocations and expenditures

3. The rules and regulations governing Consultancy and Contract Research

4. Receiving, approving and monitoring Faculty Research and Consultancy Strategies

5. Receiving, supporting and recommending research development proposals to SENATE

6. Supporting and monitoring links and liaison with Business and Industry

7. Promoting Technology Transfer

8. The rules and Engagement regarding collective research with external bodies

9. Monitoring of research, consultancy and contract research programmes

10. PhD training

11. Consideration of/ and recommendation of new research centres to SENATE

12. Approval and monitoring of national and international conferences and symposia

13. Research and publication process

14. Monitoring collaborative research and consultancy activities with partner institutions