Master of Hospital and Healthcare Administration (MHA)

This is a new program starting in 2013 and targets to develop the leadership and management skills of individuals who can leverage resources and apply evidence-based interventions to improve health in Rwanda. This program aims at strengthening the management and leadership capacities and effective hospital-level management systems which are prerequisites for the delivery of high quality care.

Having successfully completed this program, MHA graduates will be able to improve health care delivery and financing systems, and demonstrate leadership and effective human resource management for promoting organizational development, and be able to address complex operational challenges effectively and efficiently.
Admission Criteria

Applicants should:
• At least have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and related fields and/or in the field of business, management, public administration
• Have at least two years of experience in hospital administration and management in teaching and district hospitals operating in Rwanda
• Currently be a full time employed in a senior or middle management level in teaching and district hospitals operating in Rwanda.
• Be available full time for formal training, field work and related hospital activities as required.
• Be willing to sign a study course contract with the Ministry of Health
• Be proficient in English
• Be computer literate
• Successfully pass an entry exam

-  Selection is done jointly with the Rwanda Ministry of Health.
-  Medical doctors are not eligible as a postgraduate certificate course will be offered to them.