Doctoral Program (PhD)

The degree of PhD shall be awarded to a candidate who, having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic resulting in an independent and original contribution to knowledge, has demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field, and has presented and defended a thesis in oral examination to the satisfaction of the examiners.
Admission Criteria
Applicants should:
• Have a good concept paper/proposal of a research topic or subject. The concept note should focus on development of an operational research following the key points suggested in the concept note format. In addition, the candidate should focus on the methodology and advanced data analysis.
• Have demonstrated capabilities of conducting sound research using appropriate research methods
• Have a minimum of two years working experience in the health sector
• At least be a Masters degree holder with research methods courses
• Be proficient in English
• Be computer literate
NB: Registration may only take place with the approval of the Institution’s Senate in relation to i) the suitability of the candidate to undertake research; ii) the program of research; and iii) the supervision arrangements and research facilities.