The NUR/School of Public Health is a part of the National University of Rwanda, established under the laws of Rwanda in August of 2000.

The overall governing body for NUR is the Board of Directors appointed by the government of Rwanda. The board is followed vertically by the Executive Council (EC) which is composed of The Rector; Vice rectors, Deans and Directors of Schools, Heads of Departments; Directors of different units. The Executive Council is responsible for strategy and policy guidance with regards to the University developments, monitoring performance of units and conformation of executive decisions.

The School of Public Health as part of NUR, has a Director with three deputies: the Deputy Director in charge of Academic Affairs, who oversees all academic matters and ensures smooth running of courses taught and their development; the Deputy Director in charge of Research and Consultancies, who oversees all project and research activities undertaken at the school; and a Finance and Administration Chief, who manages all financial aspects.

The director, deputy directors and chief finance including 3 heads of department and heads of programs and projects normally have weekly senior management meeting to discuss the school’s management matters. This management committee reports to the NUR Executive Council and the School Council.

The School of Public Health has a grant and financial management system that is guided by the local state legal requirements and financial procedures and guided by a well elaborated university financial manual. These activities are supported by staffs in the finance and research department who include accountants, a procurement officer, a HR, budget officer and other project staff. Activities under grants and research are guided by policy at the NUR.

Review committees exist for Academics as well as Research and Consultancy activities. They are namely: the Academic Quality Committee, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Research, Consultancy and Technology Transfer Committee (RCTTC) to ensure policies and requirements are adhered to.